Featured image for “Our Showreel”

Our Showreel

Surround Vision Showreel; with content from a selection of our projects

Featured image for “A Brighter Future”

A Brighter Future

A VR showcase of sustainable innovation in action.

Featured image for “Sports Innovation”

Sports Innovation

Immersive tech is creating new opportunities for sports content, adding layers of interactivity for next generation hardware and audiences

Featured image for “NASA Moon mission”

NASA Moon mission

A glimpse in the future of home entertainment with a ground-breaking immersive documentary following NASA’s Artemis I mission to the Moon

Featured image for “Lenovo: New Realities”

Lenovo: New Realities

An immersive documentary promoted with a global web & VR campaign that invites you to see the world through the eyes of ten amazing young women

Featured image for “Brompton: Retail Experience”

Brompton: Retail Experience

Brompton behind-the-scenes VR film delivered in store and across VR platforms and social media.

Featured image for “All Kinds of Limbo”

All Kinds of Limbo

Not your standard National Theatre show!

Featured image for “Looking at the Moon”

Looking at the Moon

Animated original that showcased mocap performance capture for TV, Mobile, VR and Mixed reality formats.

Featured image for “Angel Eyes”

Angel Eyes

VR & AR graphic novel series

Featured image for “Revolution”


Brace yourselves for a wild VR ride as Surround Vision and SKY takes extreme sports to the next level in an action-packed knock-out competition where Skaters, BMX’ers and Rollerbladers go head to head over 8 episodes.

Featured image for “Female Planet Series”

Female Planet Series

In partnership with Google’s VR team, Surround Vision are immensely proud to have created a series that introduces a young audience to female role models who are breaking barriers and helping make the world a better place for all of us.

Featured image for “Google: Incredible India”

Google: Incredible India

Google Arts & Culture enlisted Surround Vision to create this VR film for the ‘Incredible India’ Series. Viewers are taken on a mind blowing VR journey of discovery across Hampi, Goa, Amritsar and Delhi.

Featured image for “Britannia”


This hugely ambitious entertainment show for SKY ONE re-defined extreme sports formats and gave Surround Vision the perfect opportunity to test our ground-breaking approach to large scale live formats.

Featured image for ““Home: Aamir””

“Home: Aamir”

Follow 22-year-old Aamir on a journey across Sudan, Libya, the Mediterranean, Italy, and France whilst escaping the threat of murder in Sudan. (Surround Vision, National Theatre Room One).

Featured image for “Nobody’s Listening”

Nobody’s Listening

A room-scale VR experience. Viewers are transported to northern Iraq using a blend of 360-degree documentary film-making, stunning Yazidi artwork and the latest virtual reality technology

Featured image for “Garden Guardians of Medellin”

Garden Guardians of Medellin

Transforming the city of Medellin, tackling the urban heat island effect, increasing biodiversity and cutting air pollution.

Featured image for “Cupsy AR”

Cupsy AR

Machine learning, object recognition and augmented reality come together as Cupsy interactively encouraging correct recycling at Heathrow airport.

Featured image for “National Geographic”

National Geographic

Surround Vision joined explorer and one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year, photographer Pete McBride for a special 360 degree journey into the Colorado mountains and wilderness.

Featured image for “Finding Haka”

Finding Haka

A cinematic VR journey to explore the intimate journey of a young Maori man and the ancient cultural traditions that drive the roots of rugby in New Zealand.

Featured image for “Growing a World wonder”

Growing a World wonder

An incredible, generation-defining project that aims to stop the Sahara encroaching into the savannah grasslands by planting a wall of trees spanning 8000 km across central Africa.

Featured image for “Vertical Forests”

Vertical Forests

Stefano Boeri is a pioneering architect who’s redesigning our approach to modern living by incorporating plant ecosystems within high rise urban dwellings.