Client: Sky Sports

Brace yourselves for a wild VR ride as SKY takes extreme sports to the next level in an action-packed knock-out competition where Skaters, BMX’ers and Rollerbladers go head to head over 8 episodes for bragging rights and the chance to be crowned 2018 Revolution champion.


8 x 360 degree videos, forming a companion series

Project Brief

VR for Extreme Sports Innovation

Project Delivery

This hugely ambitious entertainment show for SKY ONE re-defined extreme sports formats and gave Surround Vision the perfect opportunity to test our ground-breaking approach to large scale live formats.

The VR concept we pitched to the show creators Znak & Co involved ‘crossing the line’ with a series of hidden cameras around a jaw-dropping purpose-built course. Taking the audience closer to the action, mixing zip lines and eagle cams with jib and Crane shots. The post production team developed a style to incorporate traditional assets and the complex 3D models from the show giving the VR audience a jaw dropping ride into the heart of this epic show.


Dynamic multi-360 camera capture offers a unique opportunity to be alongside the action.

Other / Testamonials

The scale and the energy of this project were amazing. — Richard Stegmann, Surround Vision 

TBD TBD An intimate, immersive and life-size performance that merges technology and creativity ----  ------   ------ and offers a peek into the kind of technology that will likely shape future theatre shows.