Client: Sky One


Capturing VR from the heart of SKY’s blockbuster drama series was always going to be tough given the tight time restrictions and pressures of production. 

Shot in Prague, the producer Rick McCallum and Director Luke Watson embraced our team and even allowed Surround Vision to have the entire StoneHenge set and 400 extras.


Room-scale Interactive Documentary & VR Experience

Project Brief

VR for Good

Project Delivery

The VR concept we pitched to the show creators Znak & Co involved ‘crossing the line’ with a series of hidden cameras around a jaw-dropping purpose-built course that would allow us to take the audience closer to the action, by mixing zip lines and eagle cams with jib and Crane shots.

The post production team then developed a style to incorporate traditional assets and the complex 3D models from the show giving the VR audience a jaw dropping ride into the heart of this epic show.